As evidenced in the segment on “what we believe” [link to that section], our work is strongly rooted in the values of equality, participation and democracy. We believe that as important as these values are in our political institutions, we are not taking full advantage of them in other aspects of our lives. Our experience has taught us that when fully applied to our organizations and workplaces these values increase effectiveness, productivity, and everyone’s satisfaction with their work.

Our workshops help people gain a new and deeper understanding of interpersonal communication, conflict, and group dynamics. In fostering transformation of relationships, communication skills and attitudes (in the workplace, management team or board of directors), we help improve communication, increase productivity, and reduce time spent on resolving conflicts (a 1996 study showed that 42% of a manager's time is spent on reaching agreement with others when conflicts occur (Watson, C and Hoffman, R (1996) "Managers as Negotiators," Leadership Quarterly 7 (1) 1996).

Our work focuses on:

We achieve client-determined goals in the above areas through:
  • custom-designed workshops using participatory processes
  • a learning methodology that promotes the alignment of our behaviour with our values and beliefs, thus transforming group dynamics
  • participatory and democratic consultation processes
  • use of a solution-focused (as opposed to problem-focused) approach to labour relations
  • development of procedures and manuals
Organizations we have worked with include:
  • Correctional Service Canada
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology
  • Mission Teachers’ Union
  • Plan International (Haiti and Togo)
  • School District 35 (Langley BC)
  • School District 75 (Mission BC)
  • School District 8 (West Kootenay Region BC)
  • Quaker Peace Centre (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Lillooet Learning Communities Society (Lillooet BC)
  • Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley CA)
  • Kaslo Restorative Justice Committee (Kaslo BC)
  • Pop Atz’iak (Guatelmala)

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