Meredith Egan and Marc Forget have designed and implemented violence prevention and peacebuilding projects in schools for the past ten years. They have now produced a book on the two long-term projects they’ve created for the school environment.

"Becoming Peacemakers" is for educators, parents, students and other community members interested in fostering a fundamental change in the way conflict and violence are addressed in our schools and communities. The book is a guide that introduces the reader to the philosophy and practices that bring about a restorative approach to behaviour, transgressions and discipline. It is not a step-by-step tool to enable anyone to reproduce the program without any other training; rather, it is intended as an introduction to a radically different approach to working with young people, as well as a resource for those interested in training as facilitators with Marc and Meredith.

The first part of the book describes some of the philosophical basis of the restorative approach in schools. In the second part the authors explain why they do the work they do, why they do it the way they do, and how they do it. The third section outlines the two long-term programs Meredith and Marc created (some specific activities are described), while the appendices (42 pages) contain an extensive collection of useful resources that complement the rest of the book. Throughout the second and third sections there are stories written by other facilitators, students, teachers and administrators who have participated in the projects, and on almost every page of the first three sections there’s a relevant and inspiring quote.

The book was published in 2004 by Deep Humanity Institute, is printed in full colour, and is 117 pages, and Cerlox bound to make its use easier in a variety of settings. ISBN 0-9737652-0-8 Available from DHI.

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